Kits at Lion Brand Outlet

-by Jillian

Knitters and crocheters can sometimes get bored with their routine go-to patterns. Have you ever wanted to break out your comfort zone but not been sure where to start? Check out the Lion Brand Outlet’s starter kits to jump into learning a new pattern or even a new stitch.

Outlander Series

Are you a fan of the latest Outlander Series? Have your pick crocheting the Lallybroch Shawl or the Lavish MacKenzie Clan Shawl. With the pattern and yarn included, you would just need to purchase a crochet hook, which can be purchased at the register! Feel elegant as your favorite character by showing off your Outlander creation.

Arrival at Lallybroch Shawl kit

Lavish Mac Kenzie Clan Shawl









One & Done

Calling all new knitters and crocheters! Try our One & Done kits today. You can learn to create a knitted cowl, crochet a slouch potato hat, or crochet a hot tamale scarf. With everything you would need right in a brown paper bag, you will be ready to cast on and get started right in the store. Stop by today before we run out of kits!






Yarn Bombing

Have you ever seen yarn murals randomly placed in your neighborhood? Check out London Kaye’s yarn kits that will light up the streets! Create hearts on fences, flowers on trees, or even rainbows and stars! Help bring your imagination to life with our array of color selections that won’t break the bank.